The Importance of Education in Landlord Law

Landlord law is ever-changing, and you should educate yourself accordingly. For those who are not knowledgeable of the legal system, having some educational background can be important, especially if you are renting property to a third party.

If you are like most people, you want to know why you should take a class on something before you spend the money. Laws change all the time and what may be okay one year, may not be the next. It is important to know what your rights are as a landlord and what your tenants’ rights are. This can keep you from ending up in court over a dispute.

Landlord law can also be tricky and vary from state to state. You may be required by law to give a certain number of notices in Louisiana, but in Ohio, that number is different. Certain documents may be required for the contract to be legally binding, as well. All of this information is covered in a class.

Online Help

Of course, the Internet is a great place to get information. However, you must be careful about the sources you use. There is a lot of misinformation online, and one site may be specific to a certain area and fail to mention that. You should only take information from reputable sources.

During your searches online, you need to make sure that you research the author and check the dates on articles to make sure they are current and reflect the regulations currently in place.


When you go to a class on landlord law, you will be taught by experts in the field. Attorneys are on hand to answer any questions you may have. They are up to date on what you need to know to protect yourself from potential litigation. You can ask questions and find out answers to some of the tricky areas your tenants may be trying to call you on. With the proper knowledge, you will know when a tenant is bluffing when they claim to know what the law requires.


It may seem like a waste of time to hear the same information from year to year. However, the more classes you attend, the better you will remember what you have been told. Very few people ever remember what they were told the first time, especially if the subject matter is as complex as the legal system.

Additional Help

There will be times when no matter how many classes you take, you still will not know enough to answer the really tough questions. When that happens, you should seek the advice of an attorney trained in landlord law. He or she will be able to help you understand your rights and the rights of your tenant. You will also get sound legal advice on how to move forward with any pending litigation as well as representation, should you have to go to court.

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